K & M Now Provides In-House Transmission Services.

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Transmission Repair Portland, Oregon

K&M Auto has recently acquired Oregon Transmission Center. A trusted name in Portland Transmission Repairs since 1965. Family owned and operated. Oregon Transmission Specialists offers a complete line of transmission diagnostic and repair services. You can bring your vehicle to any of our 4 locations for transmission repair or service. We will perform all the proper steps when diagnosing your transmission symptoms. First, we will road test your vehicle, followed by a computerized scan of your vehicle’s transmission.

A well running transmission is an essential part of your vehicle. It works in sync with your engine to distribute power to your car’s wheels and gets you to where you need to go. Over time, transmissions break down, and this can lead people to believe they need to get a new transmission installed, which can be costly. However, just because your transmission isn’t working properly doesn’t mean it needs to have an expensive replacement. Often times, having a few repairs done will take care of all it’s issues, getting it running like new, and saving you a great deal of money in the process.

If needed, we will remove & examine the transmission pan to see if your transmission problem can be repaired without the transmission being removed. In the event the transmission must be rebuilt, we provide the industries highest quality parts, backed by our own Oregon Transmission Center’s warranty.

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Certified Transmission Repair Portland, Oregon

Check with us before you spend! Not all transmission problems require a rebuild. With the introduction of electronically controlled transmissions many shifting problems like slipping and harsh engagements can be corrected by first scanning the on-board computer for DTC’s, (diagnostic trouble codes). These codes will assist our technician in determining the most cost effective course of action. If the problem is electrical, most solenoids can be replaced in the chassis without pulling the transmission out of the vehicle.

Transmission Repair Portland, Oregon

Family owned and operated

K&M Auto Service and Oregon Transmission Service are family owned and operated and have been providing auto repairs such as Transmission Repair in Portland, Oregon since 1965. Oregon Transmission Center and K&M Automotive offers a complete line of transmission diagnostic and repair services. Through our best in class service and word of mouth from happy customers, we have built a reputation for reliable and affordable service that we stand behind. From diagnosis to repair, we carefully go through every step of the process to ensure the highest levels of service. Once our inspection is performed and an estimate generated, there will be no hidden costs or un-agreed upon charges. So if you think you have a problem with your transmission, trust K&M Automotive to take care of the problem fast and at a price you can afford! We work hard to get you back on the road in no time! If you run into any transmission or clutch issues in the future you know where to go for Transmission Repair in Portland, Oregon.