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Emissions System Repairs

Emissions System Repairs

When it comes to taking care of your vehicle, regular maintenance is essential. At K&M Auto Service, our team of ASE certified mechanics perform some of the best Back To Top. From transmission repairs to scheduled maintenance, our mechanics are trained to do it all. If your “check engine” light is flashing, if your car is making strange sounds, or if you suspect that something is not right with your vehicle, bring it in to K&M. We use the latest, cutting edge diagnostic tools to pinpoint the cause of your vehicle’s dysfunction. Once we have identified the problem, our expert mechanics go in and make any necessary repairs.

Every vehicle produces exhaust fumes, and every vehicle built after 1975 has to meet the standards set for air quality established by the EPA. Emissions systems were installed in vehicles in order to filter out some of the harmful pollutants present in car exhaust. At K&M Auto Service, we specialize in emissions repairs in Portland. If your vehicle has failed an emissions test at the DEQ, we can take a look at your entire emissions system and make any needed repairs. We will work hard to get your emissions system back to normal as quickly as possible so that you can get your new tags and get back to driving legally. Just like any other part of your vehicle, your emissions system will break down over time. Some of the most common emissions system problems that we deal with here at K&M are leaking valves or lines, carbon-clogged catalytic converters and malfunctioning oxygen sensors. Any one of these problems can cause your vehicle to fail an emissions test. If you don’t get your emissions system repaired quickly, it could lead to very expensive repairs further on down the road. It could also prevent you from getting new tags, which will keep you off of the road altogether. Going to the DEQ is no fun, but failing the emissions test at the DEQ is much worse. At Back To Top, we are here to help make sure that never happens to you.

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Neglecting your vehicle’s emissions system can turn into an inconvenient and expensive nightmare. If you have failed an emissions test, or if you suspect that something is wrong with your emissions system, bring your car or truck into K&M and let our experienced mechanics have a look. Contact us today to schedule an appointment at one of our automotive repair centers in Portland.

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