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Oil Change Services

Oil Changes

At K & M Auto Service, we specialize in repairing vehicles of all makes and models. Our master mechanics have many years of training and experience, and can handle any vehicle issue, from something as complex as repairing an engine to something as simple as replacing windshield wiper blades. We take great pride in being able to offer our customers the best car repair service in Portland. No other shop can match our unparalleled commitment to providing outstanding customer service.

One thing that we specialize in here at K & M Auto is performing oil changes. There are a lot of places out there that offer oil changes, but none of them can match our speed or effectiveness. A lot of people don’t even know why their vehicles require oil to run properly, and they will often neglect having it changed until it is too late. Oil is the lifeblood of any car engine. It acts as a lubricant for all of the moving metal parts that are constantly coming into contact with each other. Without a healthy supply of lubricant, these metal parts will rub together, creating tons of friction. All of that friction makes for a lot more heat. Eventually, the heat will become so great that the metal parts actually fuse together, rendering your engine useless. Unfortunately, oil does not last forever and must be replaced every few thousand miles. Oil is circulated through a filter and into all of the different parts of your engine. It then exits the engine and enters the oil reservoir, or sump pan.  The oil in the reservoir is then sucked up through the oil filter, and the cycle repeats itself. As the oil moves through the engine, it picks up tiny particles and debris. The filter will screen out the larger particles, but over time your oil will continue to get dirtier, which will make it a much less effective lubricant. Changing your oil on your own can be a frustrating and extremely messy task. We can change your oil for you quickly and professionally, and you won’t have to deal with cleaning up any oil spills.

Portland Auto Repair

At K & M Auto Service, we can provide all the maintenance and repairs your vehicle could ever need. We can help keep your vehicle in tip-top shape for longer. Contact us any time if you have questions for us or if you would like to schedule an oil change appointment!

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Oil Change Special

Conventional: $34.99
Synthetic: $64.99


22 Point Safety Inspection
Tire Rotation (as needed)
Brake Inspection
Check all Fluids
Battery & Charging System Test
Plus tax. Most common oil filters. Up to 5 quarts of oil.