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5 Futuristic Car Gadgets

Futuristic Car Gadgets

5 Futuristic Car Gadgets

For as long as there have been cars, there have been car gadgets. And it makes sense, we spend a lot of our time getting from A to B in our vehicles. It’s only natural that we’d want to customize them to add a little bit of extra comfort and personality to our ride. In the interest of this totally natural phenomenon, we’ve compiled a list of car gadgets that will have you humming the theme tune from Tron in no time.

Gesture Control

Gesture Control

Google and Ford are developing technologies that will allow you to control your car’s functions with simple hand or head gestures. Through the use of 3D cameras and voice recognition software, you’ll be able to do things like open or close your car’s windows, control the air conditioner and other various systems of your car by nodding your head or pointing your thumb up or down. IE: You’re basically a member of the X-Men.

Fully Digital Gauges

Digital Dashboard Gauges

Mechanical gauges can be hard to read and inaccurate, and quite frankly- look a little dated. There’s something so slick and sophisticated about a fully digital dashboard, and it doesn’t hurt that it makes our car feel a little like a spaceship- helping us fulfill our lifelong dream of becoming an astronaut without actually having to leave the atmosphere.

Intelligent Door Handles

Intelligent Door Handles

It seems that everything that can have a mind of its on these days. Leading manufacturers are developing car door handles that are touch responsive and appear and disappear as you need them, receding into the car door when they’re not in use. This will increase efficiency and minimize drag- which is great if you like to drive fast and look really, really cool.

Glow In The Dark Rims

Glow In The Dark Rims

Other than looking than looking like something straight out of Tron, which is not a bad thing at all, these rims are a great way to increase visibility and safety on the road while driving at night.

Color Adjustable Headlights

Color Adjustable Headlights

Mood lighting has become a big trend in car gadgetry, with many upscale brands like Audi and Porsche all incorporating customizable lighting schemes into their luxury cars. What if you could adjust your car’s headlight color to suit your mood? If you’ve got the time, the money and the know how – there are various ways to achieve this, with a few handy smartphone hacks. This fashionable aesthetic feature would make sure that your car is unique as you are.

Bonus Future Gadget: Mind Brakes

We all know about the advanced braking technology in very expensive cars. It’s used to detect obstacles, pedestrians and other cars to prevent accidents.

Studies are being conducted at the Berlin Institute of Technology in hopes of creating a device that will enable drivers to brake with their minds instead of their legs. Using electroencephalography (EEG) ― a technique that attaches electrodes to the scalp ― the researchers figured out that the ‘mind-reading system’, used alongside modern traffic sensors, could detect a driver’s decision to break 130 milliseconds faster than a normal brake pedal response.

With all the technology advances that are happening every day, we’re sure these kinds of developments won’t be that far off indeed. What an amazing time to be alive!


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