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Monday-Friday: 8:00AM - 5:00PM
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K&M Auto Service is a family owned auto repair company that operates several shops in the Portland area. We provide routine maintenance as well as Back To Top. We have a team of hardworking, ASE certified mechanics that will go to great lengths to ensure that your car is running optimally. If there is something wrong with your car, we will be able to fix it in no time. Don’t neglect to maintain your vehicle; doing so could end up costing you thousands of dollars in complex repairs. If your car, truck or SUV is acting up on you, bring it in to K&M Auto Service and our experts will take a look at it. We make honest and affordable repairs, and we enjoy educating our customers about how they can properly maintain their vehicles.

It may not seem like it, but the battery is actually one of the most important systems in any vehicle. Before the car battery existed, people had to manually wind up a crank to get their cars to start. Nowadays, car batteries deliver the voltage needed to start our engines. They also provide a steady flow of current that powers your vehicle’s electrical systems. When your battery fails, your car won’t start. If you don’t want to get stranded on the side of the road, it is important that you maintain your car or truck’s battery. If your car takes longer than usual to start, if you smell rotten eggs when you inspect your battery, or if you have had the same battery for more than four years, it probably means that it’s time to have it replaced. Corrosion can also be a problem with car batteries, so it is wise to inspect your battery on occasion to look for white, crusty buildup on the terminals. This corrosion can interfere with your battery’s ability to function. Here at K&M Auto, we see dead or dysfunctional batteries all the time. We can test your battery to see if it holds a charge, clean it if there is corrosion, and replace it if your old battery is over the hill. Taking care of your car battery doesn’t take much effort, and it could save you a lot of inconvenience and trouble in the future.

Portland Car Repair

We are equipped and trained to repair just about any vehicle, both foreign and domestic. So if you think that something is amiss with your vehicle, bring it to one of our automotive repair shops and we will find the problem for you. Contact us today to set up an appointment.

Oil Change Special

Conventional: $34.99
Synthetic: $64.99


22 Point Safety Inspection
Tire Rotation (as needed)
Brake Inspection
Check all Fluids
Battery & Charging System Test
Plus tax. Most common oil filters. Up to 5 quarts of oil.