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5 Auto Shop Tips For Getting Better Gas Mileage

Gas Mileage Auto Service Oregon

5 Auto Shop Tips For Getting Better Gas Mileage

Gas mileage is arguably the thing that people care about when they start looking for a new car. But you have a road trip planned, and you’re not made of money so you’re not about to buy a brand new car just to save on gas. So what do you do?

Clean Your Fuel Injectors for Better Gas Mileage

There’s one way and one way only to properly clean fuel injectors, and it’s actually a really cool concept. You’ll have your mechanic take them out and soak them in a cleaning solution, and then blast that cleaning solution with ultra-high frequency sound waves. This knocks off any and all carbon buildup, which will even out the fuel-air mix in your engine, which will force a more regular burn in the cylinder, which will improve your gas mileage. For more information including pricing and setting up an appointment, call K & M Auto Service!

Stay Off the Pedal for Better Gas Mileage

I get it, driving wicked fast on a wide open road is exhilarating! Especially if you can roll the windows down. There’s not a feeling like it. But we’re trying to save money, here. Trying to use less gas. And if you want to do those two things, you’re going to have to drop that 90mph you’re pulling on the freeway down to 65mph or below. If you’re kicking it over 65, you could be using as much as 15% more fuel, which could be an extra full tank of gas every 100 miles.

Replace Worn Parts for Better Gas Mileage

Okay, so maybe not the entirety of your car’s inner workings, but there are several different parts that can severely impact your fuel economy. Your mass air flow sensor and oxygen sensor could be lying to your engine computer and making it output extra fuel, or a bad air filter could be suffocating your engine and making it use more fuel to keep a steady pace. A faulty spark plug burns fuel efficiently, and might cause your car to not start at all. Old tires could be forcing your engine to work harder to make your start moving. Whenever you’re ready to get all new gear in your car and give your gas mileage bump, don’t hesitate to contact K & M Auto Service!

Fuel Up Early in the Day for Better Gas Mileage

It’s colder in the morning. That means the ground is colder. That means the gas is colder. Colder gas is condensed, so if you fill up in the morning you’ll be able to fit more gas into your tank than if you fill in the afternoon.

Lighten Your Load for Better Gas Mileage

Weight means a lot. If your car is heavier, the engine is working harder to move it, which means you’re expending more fuel. Carry as little in your car as you need, and do your best to pack lightly when going on trips. If you’re fortunate enough to have a car, truck, or van with removable seats that you’re not using on the regular, pop those bad boys out and leave them in your garage. On a side note, it probably wouldn’t hurt to eat healthier, either …

There are myriad ways you can improve the gas mileage in your vehicle. Have a personal favorite that we left out? Let us know and we’ll touch on it in our next post!


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