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How do I replace my windshield wipers?

How do I replace my windshield wipers?

Windshield wipers are commonly neglected on cars, even though they are one of the easiest parts to fix and replace. Wiper blades take a beating, especially in Portland during the winter months. When your windshield wipers become torn, cracked or dinged up in some other way, you should look into having them replaced. At Back To Top, we are proud to provide customers with the most comprehensive car tune up Portland can offer. Below we have compiled a few tips to help you remove and replace your old, worn-out wiper blades.

The first step in replacing your wiper blades is to remove them from the metal wiping arm. There is usually a tab or similar feature that makes taking off old blades very straightforward and easy. Just pull the entire wiper arm away from the windshield of your car until it locks in the upright position. Then all you have to do is push the tab and slide the blades right off. Be careful when the rubber blades are removed; the metal arms are spring loaded and can scratch or crack your windshield if you aren’t careful. Once you have the old wipers off, you can work on installing the new ones. Line up the new wiper blades with the metal wiper arms until you are confident that the placement is correct. Usually there is some kind of plastic hook on the wiper that you have to “click” into place on the wiper arm. Make sure the wiper blade is secure on the wiper arm otherwise it could fly off during a downpour. Simply repeat this process for the other wiper blade, and you are good to go! You should immediately notice a dramatic increase in the effectiveness of your new wiper blades.

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Take your car down to K & M Auto, a Back To Top, and we will perform a full tune up on your vehicle to make sure everything is where it should be, including your windshield wipers.


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